Reiki East and West News Letter Winter 2018

Wishing everyone a very Joyful, Happy Christmas Period and a wonderful New Year, may 2019 bring you many blessings.

    Callanish Stones Isle of Lewis 1996 photo © copyright J. M. Davies Wills

                                     The Magic of Stone Circles.

Stone circles can have a very special energy,  they were often created where ley lines intersected.  The term Ley lines was coined by Alfred Watkins. He had noted that ancient sites were near places that had ley in their name.  His books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track draw from previous ideas about alignments of ancient sites.  He had studied the work of astronomer Norman Lockyer who felt that ancient sites were aligned to the sunrise and sunset at solstices.

According to Watkins son in 1921 he had been driving near the village of Blackwardine in Herefordshire  and was attracted to the nearby archaeological site of a Roman Camp as he gazed around him he saw , “like a chain of fairy lights” a series of straight alignments of various ancient features, such as standing stones, wayside crosses, causeways, hill forts, and ancient churches on mounds. He realized immediately that the potential discovery had to be checked from higher ground when, during a revelation, he noticed that many of the footpaths there seemed to connect one hilltop to another in a straight line.

A good example of an ancient site aligning with the summer solstice is Stonehenge.

Whether you believe that these ancient sites hold special energies or not it is fun to explore the energy of the landscape.  This can greatly enhance your awareness of how the land energy varies in many different places.  In Britain we are very lucky in having a landscape that can be very different in just a few miles going from mountains, hills to flat countryside.  This lends itself to exploring the different alignments of earth energies. 

Magical Mystery Tour of Scotland

The 1990’s was a time of great promise, people were opening up to the possibility that there was much more to life than just the physical plane.  Complementary therapies were taking off in a big way. It was often through having a complementary  therapy that a person began to open up to deeper spiritual truths. People were wanting to be more in touch with their inner selves.  From the 80’s where therapies began to be the norm by the 90’s it had become main stream in society.  I had trained in the 80’s in several therapies and at the beginning of the 90’s I attended the first teacher training in the U.K. of Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life”.  Even universities were beginning to realise that there was a correlation between stress, work and home life.  For quite a few years I held a day course about looking after yourself which included nutrition, exercise, stress management, relaxation and meditation at several universities for their staff training programme.

In the mid 90’s a book called the Celestine Prophecy was published, it literally seem to sell a million copies immediately.  Although a novel and simply written it explained  how a person could interact with the many different dimensions of energy.

In 1996 I started to have this pull in my meditation about Scotland, I had always been drawn there.  I think somewhere in my ancestry there is a Scottish connection.  1996 was a year of all sorts of spiritual connections happening for me.  The previous year I had finished a four year training with Antony Hallisey in  Kabbalah and esoteric colour therapy. There were only twelve of us that were honoured to receive his teaching on the energy pathways of colour.  The system I learnt included the physical body to the intuitive body.  I still use it today.

Early in the year I was guided to hold a Celestine prophecy group exploring the energy pathways in our connections with people and the landscape.  It was during this time that I was introduced to Peter my husband who became my friend and teacher.


The pull for visiting Scotland would not stop so in the very late summer I cleared the decks rearranging clients who were very understanding.  Within a fortnight I found myself with a friend travelling north in the spirit of the Celestine prophecy to explore the sacred sites and landscapes of the beautiful land of the Celts.

We gave ourselves a fortnight to travel round Scotland. The photo of the Callanish Stones is from this journey.  We drove up the west coast visiting Mull, Ulva and Iona. The latter I found really magical away from the crowds that visit this special Island and its monastery. I have now visited Iona twice and each time the island seems to be bathed in a luminous light.  We also visited Fingals cave while we were staying on Mull. After most people had left the cave I went back in and sat on the rocks meditating in this beautiful place that is like a great cathedral.

Then from Mull we crossed into Ardnamurchan.  The rock that lies under this peninsula contains a lot of quartz.  Geologists from around the world visit to study the unique structure of the rocks in Ardnamurchan. The quartz in the rocks definitely gives you an energy uplift.  If you wanted a holiday away from it all then this is the place to visit.  From there we carried on to Mallaig and caught the ferry to Skye.

We spent two days exploring the island of Skye and its unique mountains then caught a ferry to Harris and Lewis.  We arrived on Harris about an hour before sunset and instead of staying on a campsite we wild camped on a hillside overlooking the most wonderful beach of white sand, there was just one other camper in the distance it was truly very special watching the sunset in this remote scenery.  The next day we visited the Callanish stones.  We were really lucky and had the site all to ourselves. I sat in the middle of the stones and had a very special meditation.

From Lewis we caught the ferry sailing to Ullapool.  Arriving there early evening we just had time to find a camp site and pitch our tent before night fall.  The following morning we realised the campsite was opposite the Summer Isles.  They looked really beautiful rising out of the sea in the early morning mist.  Being really interested in organic vegetables we spent the day exploring The Achiltibuie Garden, Achilibuie, Ullapool.  It was truly fascinating to see the hydroponic cultivation method of only using highly nutrient rich water to produce food.  This production method has been around for many years.

The next day we were off again packing up the car to continue our journey ever northward to Cape Wrath.  On the way we stopped off to hike to the fabulous Sandwood Bay  parking the car at Blairmore.  The walk is an eight mile hike over moorland, slightly boggy in places when we visited.  You are rewarded by a freshwater loch, sand dunes and a spectacular sight of one of the most famous bays in Scotland with its one and a half miles of pink sand and huge sea stack named Am Buachaille. The name means “the herdsman” or “ the shepherd” in Scottish Gaelic.

From Blairmore we made our way to Durness, again we had to rush to pitch the tent before the night set in so it wasn’t until the next day that we could see the bay where we were staying.  The campsite was situated on the cliffs looking out to sea over the beautiful sandy bay.  We visited the famous Smoo cave which is spectacular.  The cave is unique in the British Isles as it is both a sea cave in the first chamber and a freshwater cave in the inner chamber which is formed by rainwater.  A real yin, yang cave!!!  Later that day we visited via a mini bus tour Cape Wrath which is the most north west point in Scotland.  The army use part of the land for exercises so access is limited.

The next morning we packed the car and headed along the A838 to Tongue.  We were now running out of time as we had been delayed in one or two places by ferries not quite synchronising.  We both wanted to visit John O’Groats the most north east point of Scotland.  The A road across the top of the country was not quite your normal main road being single track in places with plenty of passing places, we did have to reverse a few times to let people pass us. This part of the country was extremely sparsely populated.  When we reached Tongue we joined the A 836 to Thurso it was approaching dark when we drove into the town and headed for Dunnet where we knew that there was a caravan/tent camping site.  We ended up assembling the tent in torch light.  It had been a very long drive and we were extremely grateful of the campsite’s excellent showers.

The following morning was the last Thursday of our holiday we had to be back in Nottingham on the Sunday night.  We headed off to John O’Groats with its spectacular cliffs and what seemed like millions of sea birds. We were both rather exhausted from the previous day’s drive and decided to have an early night.  Dunnet faces west and the campsite was right against the sand dunes of this huge bay.  Just before my trip to Scotland I had been introduced to Peter and attended a meditation circle that he facilitated where I first heard Hein Bratt’s mantra music.  I took the latter away with me and on the last night in Dunnet I climbed the sand dunes to the beach and sat there with no one in sight watching the amazing sunset playing the Gayatri mantra sung by Hein, it was a truly magical moment.  I can still tap into the magic of those moments and hear the beautiful Gayatri mantra.


Friday morning we started our way home down the east coast regretting the fact that we did not have time to explore.  I would have liked to have stopped at Findhorn but we both had to be back at work on Monday morning.  We reached  Scone Palace deciding that this was our stop for the night pitched the tent and visited the palace.  The camp site was really big and quite crowded, it was quite a shock to the system as for quite a few days we had been in some very lonely places and had become use to the space,  lack of traffic and people.

In the morning we drove to Edinburgh and caught the last day of the festival.  There was an amazing atmosphere in the city with people milling about enjoying the sights.

That night we camped south of the city and were up early the next morning as we had a long drive a head of us. To round off the trip we decided to visit the holy Isle of  Lindisfarne.  We arrived at the causeway which leads to the island just as the tide was retreating exposing the road.  The road warden waved us and the only other car that was waiting to say we could cross so it was quite spectacular to get there when it was not crowded.  Like our visit to Iona, Lindisfarne seemed to be bathed in a magical luminous light.  Sadly we only spent an hour on the Isle when we knew we needed to leave as we still had quite away to go.  As we headed back over the causeway there was a long stream of traffic driving towards the Isle we couldn’t quite believe how many cars there were.

What I noticed about this holiday was to start with it was decided on an impulse there seemed to be something pulling me towards Scotland.  We made the decision to go within a fortnight. Everything seemed to flow and the places we visited were not crowded so there were many instances when I could meditate to experience the energy of the ancient sites we visited.  A truly magical journey.

Hein Bratt Music – Gayatri Mantra – Kali Mantra

Electrical Smog

How conscious are you about your exposure to Electrical smog?  Clearing out some old health/spiritual magazines, I came across an article in the i to i april- june 1995.  Entitled The Electro-Magnetic Minefield by Albert Budden.  The article mentions The World Health report outlining the effects of radio frequency fields which are emitted from a wide variety of transmitters which include radio, TV, telecommunication masts, telephone exchanges, police, fire, ambulances, microwaves, mobile phone systems and much more.  All these are designed to pass through everything in their path which includes humans. 

If you could see these electrical waves you would see many lines crisscrossing through buildings lighting them up like a giant Christmas tree.  We would be constantly bathed in this light.  It is only because we can’t see them that most of us don’t question the effect that they have on the human body.  Even in 1995 the WHO were concerned about human exposure to the frequencies and health and the role they might play in promotion of cancer and other illnesses.

Now in 2018 the use of these frequencies has increased a 100%.  If you travel on a tube or a bus nearly everyone is using their mobile phone, it’s taken them over, they don’t seem to be able to put it down or switch it off.  The mobile phone has become  glued to their hand. How often have you seen a person step onto a zebra crossing with a mobile in their hand without looking, totally unconscious that there may a car  waiting for them to cross.

The long term effects of exposure to EMF radiation are unknown.

Taking Action

What we suggest for long term health is that you limit your time on your computers, mobile phones, TV etc as often as possible.  Start with this Christmas period, do you really need to have your mobile phone switched on?  Mine was relegated years ago to emergency only or connecting to a person who does not have a land line.

Using your Reiki Hatsueri Hô and the complete breath meditation on a regular basis will enhance the chi in your body to rebalance helping to counteract against EMF.

If you are very concerned about your gadgets and the electrical fields that they emit then the Healthy House has some gadgets that can help.

This is my Vegetarian Christmas Nut Roast Recipe

200 grams of cashew nuts, ¾ chop fine, ¼ rough chopped

2 ½ slices of brown bread – process into fine bread crumbs

Handful sunflower seeds – process fine

Handful of pumpkin seeds – process fine

Also add some hemp seeds if you wish – process fine

For all the above ingredients use a food processor, blender or coffee grinder if you have one it saves a lot of time. Place in a bowl.

Fine chop or grate or use food processor the following vegetables onion, leek, carrot, courgette, celery.  Use whichever vegetables you wish.

Sauté the vegetables.

In a small saucepan make a stock of Marigold bouillon powder , miso paste, cranberry jam.  Add some water not too much and add chestnut and fresh apricots chopped in small pieces.  If you don’t want it too rich then don’t add apricots and chestnuts.

To the dry mix add herbs of choice – coriander, cumin, paprika, celery seeds, oregano and black pepper.

Add sauté vegetables and stock and mix thoroughly.

Line a loaf tine or appropriate dish with baking paper cover the top as well until ¾ cooked then take off top paper.

Oven 180 or Gas Mark 4 for 40 mins or until you think it is ready.


To make vegetable burgers I just scale down the list of ingredients and use hazelnuts instead of cashews,  and may add beetroot as one of the vegetables.

I also add some Marigold Nutritional Yeast Flakes.