Meditation Workshop

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Meditation – an Afternoon Gathering

What to expect

There will be both meditation practice and instruction during the course of the afternoon.

You may use this time optionally to learn, or, to simply relax and experience, or both, as feels right for you on the day.

This means that you will find ways to enhance your practice of meditation by focussing on the instruction and explanation, and / or to simply enjoy the deeper spiritual energy connection that will be present during the whole afternoon, both in and out of meditations.

We will be helping you to:-

Find better and more rewarding procedures to help both meditation and contemplation, and to see how they inter-relate and link to other processes of spiritual development.

The importance of spiritual and subtle energy for meditation:-

How to – connect to the subtle energy, and return from it to normal consciousness.

How to – overcome personal difficulties with the meditation process, and make it easier to mix meditation with busy life periods.

How to – deepen your connection to the various levels of energy and consciousness that may be accessed in meditation.

You should bring a notepad to note anything that you find is important to you for your personal practice.

Date:- New dates to be decided – if interested in participating please contact us.

Time:-  13.00 – 17.00  with tea break

Fee:-    £30.00    Deposit of £15.00 to be paid on booking for the course.

Venue:-  West Bridgford, Nottingham

Booking:-  email:-

Places will be limited to 8 people so early booking is advised.

If interested in participating please contact us.


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