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Baby Buddha

reiki 23.8.2013 007This is the latest edition to my garden, I don’t usually go in for statues, but could not resist this one, its very similar to Jisobutsus (Japanese Baby Buddhas) which is the icon used in Reiki East and West manuals to represent meditation practices.

Dates for Shoden Reiki 1  Saturday 31st August, 2013.

Coming soon dates for both Okuden Reiki 2 and Shinpiden Reiki 3

Shinpiden Training November 2011

Shinpiden graduates in the park.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful crisp November day. The 2011 Shinpiden Graduates decided to escape from being inside to sample the atmosphere of the local park.

Reiki Undo Meditation

We found a small glade of trees with the sunshine dappling through the leaves, it was truly magical. Here we are doing the Reiki Undo Meditation.

Mindful Walking Meditation

Mindful Walking Meditation