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Reiki 1 Shoden Workshop dates

DSCN04410002Our next Reiki 1 Shoden Course will be on Saturday 21tst January, 2017

Shoden is a Japanese word meaning ‘first teachings’. These are the first teachings of the system of Reiki. In our practical Shoden courses you will learn how to help yourself with a daily healing practice and how you can also help your friends and family using Japanese healing techniques.

Our training classes are part of a high quality graduation program which includes  in-person training, and online training with free weekly absent attunements.

Come and met us – we offer a free 30 minute meet your Reiki Masters session before committing to training with us.

New Year Resolutions 2015

Do you feel that you would like your life to be different.  Then try our Courses its a great way to start 2015

Coming up in the New Year

Shoden Reiki 1 

Saturday 10th January, 2015.        

Saturday 28th February, 2015.

Okuden Reiki 2 

Saturday 31st January, 2015

Meditation – Afternoon Workshop 13.00 – 17.00

Sunday 8th February, 2015

Colour Workshop 

Sunday 15th February, 2015.

Ki Workshop 

Sunday 15th March, 2015.

If you are interested in attending the above workshops do contact us.

Visit to Scotland

Spiritually, at this time in our evolution we are supposed to be coming together, and sharing. Unfortunately that energetic does not always manifest onto the physical plane.

There is a huge debate going on across the border at the moment about the referendum.

Although the Scots have the vote, there will be a change for the rest of the British Isles as a result of the referendum.

A little while ago I was guided in meditation to make a journey to Gretna Green where they are building a Stone Cairn in favour of the unity of the British Isles, in love and peace.  I managed to visit there in the last two days.  During those two days I also visited Samye Ling Monastery near Lockerbie and Castle Rigg Stone circle near Penrith.  All in all, I drove 630 miles in two days.  Stayed at a very friendly vegetarian hotel near Castle Rigg, food was true vegetarian fare.

Here are some photos of the Cairn symbolising the friendship between the four nations of Great Britain.  People from all over the world have placed a stone in friendship. Please tell all your friends about the Cairn.

The official website for the Cairn is

scot-cairn-13-sep-14 131


A visitor placing their stone on the Cairn.




scot-cairn-13-sep-14 143scot-cairn-13-sep-14 145Some of the messages from acoss the world painted on the stones.

scot-cairn-13-sep-14 122



This small group was placed by me,     representing a group of friends.






scot-cairn-13-sep-14 150


This is a map from across the world of people who have placed stones in the Cairn. The Falkland Isles are represented but until I visited, Nottingham wasn’t.





scot-cairn-13-sep-14 152scot-cairn-13-sep-14 151

The Union of the British Isles

scot-cairn-13-sep-14 056



The prayer wheels at Samye Ling






scot-cairn-13-sep-14 171


Castle Rigg Stone Circle at 7.45 this morning just as I was leaving to come home.

Shinpiden Course

meditation-by-the sea

Exciting news about our Shinpiden course.   We have divided Reiki East and West’s Shinpiden Master Course into two parts.

For those who do not wish to teach, but would like to deepen their Reiki Journey there is the Master Practitioner two day course.

Of course for those that wish to teach, you may still do the whole Shinpiden four day Master Teacher Course .

Details on our Shinpiden Page

New Course Working with Ki

Ki figureExciting news we are presenting a new workshop working with Ki/Chi/Prana.

This is not a Reiki workshop although the principals of Ki can be applied to a Reiki practice.  It is for anyone who is interested in working with their internal energy.   This is a totally new approach to working with Ki.

See more detail on the webpage entitled Ki Workshop.

p.s. The first course, held in February was found to be very useful and enjoyable by all the participants.  Another one was held in  May which was very successful, we will be holding one in  Autumn 2014, early booking is advised.  

Update on course dates

Our Ki Workshop in February and May was so popular, that we are holding another one in the Autmn. Early booking is recommended.  See details under Ki Workshop

Workshop dates for 2014

Shoden Reiki 1 – Saturday, 29th November, 2014

Ki Workshop –  We will be holding one in the Autumn

Do contact us if interested in attending.

Reiki 1 Shoden Training

If you are looking for a great way to start the New Year then try our Reiki Courses.

We just have a couple of places left on Sunday 19th January, 2014 Reiki 1 training and are now taking bookings for Reiki 1 Saturday 22nd February 2014 if interested please do contact us for details.