Happy Christmas 2016

 In 2002 a gift opened up of a new dimensional connection and I started receiving symbols and pictures to enhance the energy work that Peter and I were exploring and working with.  I found myself walking into a news agents and buying some paper and children’s colour felt pens.  We were staying in the Yorkshire dales at the time and a symbol kept flashing in my head and would not leave me alone.  That night at the cottage where we were staying I made a paper ruler the symbol was geometric so had to be drawn very precisely.  I had not attempted doing any art since leaving school many moons ago and was never very good at it although I really liked the subject.  For the next four years pictures and symbols poured into my head for myself and also for other people.  In 2006 I decided to close the door to this energy stream as it had become quite overwhelming.  Just recently it has opened up again and I am able to manage it much better.  I do not profess to be an artist but some people have found that my pictures helped them when they felt stuck.  Meditating with the picture/symbol creates a shift so they may move forward on their journey.  I would like to share this quick sketch I made for my mother at Christmas 2004 she has since passed  into another dimension. I called it the Heavenly Choir as the stars on the foreheads denote that the 3rd eye Ajna centre is fully open.

We wish everyone many blessings, peace and love for the coming year.

With Love

Judith and Peter