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Reiki Courses Nottingham.co.uk is situated in West Bridgford and is part of Reiki East and West which is run by Judith Davies-Wills and Peter Wills. Reiki East and West was established with the intention of providing Reiki teaching which fuses the best of both Eastern and Western Reiki traditions. Our Reiki courses combine original Japanese Reiki with practical teaching for working as Reiki practitioners in a Western culture.

We provide courses and training for Reiki:

And complementary courses:

… as well as:

  • Individual Spiritual Training
  • Self-Development Training

All our Reiki courses focus on:

  • Mikao Usui’s original teachings
  • Reiki as a system of spiritual growth and a path to enlightenment
  • Developing compassion, mindfulness and Oneness
  • Cultivating good character
  • Learning to sense and work with energy for spiritual development and healing

Who are these Reiki courses for?

Our Reiki training is suitable for both newcomers to Reiki and existing Reiki practitioners who want to deepen their experience with the Reiki energy and learn about using Reiki as a tool for personal growth.

Teaching is done in small groups or on a one to one basis.

Usui Reiki / Japanese Reiki

The terms ‘Usui Reiki’ and ‘Japanese Reiki’ are being used more frequently these days as more and more people seek to connect with the original Reiki taught by Mikao Usui.

As many Western Reiki researchers have discovered, gathering accurate information on the origins of Reiki and Mikao Usui’s original teachings has been extremely difficult. The Usui Reiki Ryôhô Gakkai (Society of the Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method) of which Mikao Usui is said to have been the founder, is a very secretive organisation and instructs its members not to discuss its teachings with non-members. In spite of this it is possible to say some things about Mikao Usui with a reasonable degree of certainty.

What we do know is that Mikao Usui was a Tendai Buddhist and that his original teaching was a method of spiritual development which included the use of hands-on healing, rather than being primarily a healing system. In the West most people have been taught the version of Reiki that was introduced by Hawayo Takata, which is usually taught as a system of natural healing. Mikao Usui’s original teaching placed much greater emphasis on spiritual development and using Reiki as a set of tools to use on the path to enlightenment.

For more in-depth information on the origins of Reiki and how different branches of Reiki developed after Mikao Usui’s death we highly recommend The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen and Frans Stiene.

Ongoing Support / Further Teaching

After you have completed your Reiki training with us we can provide ongoing support, additional reiju (attunements) and individual teaching to help you with your spiritual development.

Please contact us for more details.

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